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Grow Together With Maider and Embrace a Better Version of You

A glimpse of striver's’ footprint


Recently Maider held a grand awarding ceremony for employees winning national intermediate and senior professional titles and “Honor of Ten Years Service” for 2020-2021 



Winners received awards and enjoyed the moment of glory

with all employees as witness

Mr. Lin Junhua and Mr. Chen Wanshun, founders of Maider, presented the awards and gifts and took photos with the winners

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This is their moment of glory, and also bears testimony to Maider’s long-term devotion to the development of medical industry

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It is our firm belief that talents play a core role

In the development of every enterprise

For a high and new technology industrial company like Maider, our professional team is the most valuable assets of the company

We appreciate the efforts of all Maider employees. You make things possible for Maider

We grow together


Medical automation is an industry that features advanced technologies

Continuous learning is crucial for players in this market to keep up with the development trend. Furthermore, as an industry that involves extensive and profound technologies, it is impossible to have a clear and in-depth understanding of medical automation without sufficient technology and experience.

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Therefore, in the pursuit of innovation and pushing forward medical device industry upgrade, Maider has always been putting the development of professional teams and every employee at the top of its priority list

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We hope every employee may develop the habit of learning to get yourself prepared for the dynamic changes of the industry.

We hope every employee may devote to his work and pursue perfection in detail with the spirit of craftsmanship so as to stand out in your own field. 

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Become the global leader in medical consumables intelligent equipment

This is the vision that we have been striving to pursue

Despite difficulties and challenges ahead, together, we will stay on this path

On this road of striver

Grow together with Maider and embrace a better version of you