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Devices and Technology - Biological reagent
PCR automatic packaging equipment
PCR automatic packaging equipment

PCR is an in vitro diagnostic method. It (including qPDR, dPCR, LAMP, RPA) uses enzymes to amplify nucleic acid molecules to detect this molecule. Each technology applies to different applications due to its signal readings and reaction conditions. The PCR fully automatic packaging equipment independently developed by Maider to meet the needs of in vitro diagnostic market has achieved automatic assembly of detection reagents, reagent trays, reagent packaging boxes and other materials. Various Maider biological reagent automation equipment have been purchased by many large medical enterprises. This has led to a significant reduction in the price of end products and enabled the majority of patients to truly enjoy the benefits of advanced manufacturing technology. Standing at the forefront of the industry, Maider is promoting the progress of social medical care in its way.

Application finished product
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Typing Test Kit
High adaptability, precise positioning, automatic reclaiming system, ideal for a variety of specifications and boxes, capable of achieving precise three-dimensional positioning of XYZ axis of reagent bottles
Clear instruction data is shown for reference, mes instructions are automatically associated, customized digital, information-based, intelligent visual reports
A multi-purpose machine featured by online detection, automatic sealing and labeling. Customized packaging combination of multiple products and flexible combination assembly can be achieved with a single device
Real-time data acquisition, Internet of Things module, and data acquisition module are used to generate data chart at the terminal, realizing online data acquisition, remote diagnosis
Modular design is convenient for layout and installation based on the specific production environment of customers, making maintenance easier
Enjoy safe, compact, easy-to-use components and operation on production lines