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Devices and Technology - Infusion
Automatic assembly machine for IV catheter
Automatic assembly machine for IV catheter

Given IV catheter's structural characteristics and actual manufacturing process, Maider has independently developed an automatic assemble line for IV catheter with features of intelligent material loading, flexible assembly, and online CCD detection by adopting leading hardware solutions and software control strategies and achieving breakthroughs in critical technologies for industrialization when conditions concerning safety, energy efficiency, environment-friendly process, standardization, modularization, and intelligent and integrated system are met.This industry-leading intelligent manufacturing system for medical consumables has made a breakthrough in the field of similar locally-produced high-end medical consumables, thus winning China's national innovation award. At present, this approach has helped large-scale medical enterprises achieve digitalized manufacturing, which minimizes order delivery time and reduces production costs.

Application finished product
Cannula Catheter
High automation/productivity. In contrast to traditional manufacturing that relies on manual assembly, the fully-automatic assembly process for IV catheter possesses intelligent controls in place, thus significantly improving productivity
High accuracy/specifications. This assembly line, made possible by precise mechanical structure, unique process design, and high-quality parts from world-class suppliers, achieves the accurate control of manufacturing processes, ensuring that the produced IV catheter is comparable with those from international A-list medical enterprises in quality
Modular design. This design facilitates layout and installation according to clients' actual manufacturing environment while allowing easier maintenance and repair
Flexible production: This system is capable of flexible production and produces IV catheters with different specifications by fixture switching
Intelligent detection. This system integrates a module of CCD intelligent detector to realize the automatic detection of product defects in multiple processes
Real-time data collection. This system integrates a data collection module and forms data charts at the terminal to facilitate clients' intelligent manufacturing
Remote diagnosis. This system integrates the module of Internet of Things for such a diagnosis
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