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Devices and Technology - Combination Products
Automatic assembly machine for pre-filled syringe
Automatic assembly machine for pre-filled syringe

As a type of drug-device combination consumables that embodies the industry's cutting-edge technologies, pre-filled syringe (PFS) has an ever-evolving scope of application due to its enhanced accuracy in dosing and significant lowering of wastage and efficient and convenient application.  Maider has independently developed an automatic assembly line for pre-filled syringe based on specific market requirements and product's technical features, an industry-leading intelligent manufacturing system for medical consumables. This system encompasses highly-accurate needle insertion, cleaning, siliconization, and packing processes, thus ensuring the final product is comparable with similar world-class ones in performance. By virtue of a high price-performance ratio and superior delivery capabilities, Maider aims to popularize pre-filled syringes in emerging markets.


Application finished product
Prefilled Syringe
Rapid assembly. This system significantly improves productivity and produces products comparable with similar world-class ones in performance by adopting the multi-axis manipulator to overcome the bottleneck in traditional manufacturing limiting productivity
High accuracy. The highly-accurate micro-infusion pump is applied to obtain nanoscale silicides. This assembly line, made possible by precise mechanical design and special processes, ensures that the final product is comparable with those from world-class medical enterprises in quality
Modular design. This design facilitates layout and installation according to clients' actual manufacturing environment, while allowing easier maintenance and repair
Intelligent detection. This system integrates CCD intelligent detector and needle blockage detection modules, along with an independently-developed image algorithm, to realize the automatic detection of product defects in multiple processes
Real-time data collection. This system integrates a data collection module and forms data charts at the terminal to facilitate intelligent manufacturing
Remote diagnosis. This system integrates the module of Internet of Things for such a diagnosis
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