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Devices and Technology - Blood purification
Automatic assembly machine for dialysis bloodline
Automatic assembly machine for dialysis bloodline

The global market of hemodialysis is still at a stage of rapid growth, especially in emerging markets such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa. However, manual manufacturing for hemodialysis consumables fails to guarantee productivity and quality, while the corresponding automatic manufacturing equipment has not yet been widespread. As a critical component in hemodialysis, dialysis bloodline should comply with strict requirements in quality to avoid risks of clotting.In contrast to traditional manufacturing that relies on manual assembly, the fully-automatic assembly process for dialysis bloodline independently developed by Maider effectively ensures the produced products with high levels of quality and cleanliness, thus leading to a significant improvement in productivity. This approach has helped large-scale medical enterprises achieve digitalized manufacturing, which minimizes order delivery time and reduces production costs, allowing a large number of patients to benefit from technological advancements.

Application finished product
Dialysis Bloodline Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set
High automation. In contrast to traditional manufacturing that relies on manual assembly, the fully-automatic assembly process, involving complete components such as arterial bloodlines, venous bloodlines, and pump catheter connectors, effectively controls the risk of contamination during assembly to ensure a high yield rate, which in turn results in a significant productivity improvement
High quality/specifications. This assembly line, made possible by precise mechanical structure, unique process design, and markedly-increased accuracy of pipeline assembly, ensures that the final dialysis bloodline is comparable with those from international A-list medical enterprises in quality
Modular design. This design facilitates layout and installation according to clients' actual manufacturing environment while allowing easier maintenance and repair
Intelligent manufacturing. This system integrates modules of CCD intelligent detector (along with an independently-developed image algorithm), Internet of Things, and data collection to help clients implement intelligent manufacturing
Integration capability. This system may integrate with other related equipment to form a complete set of intelligent manufacturing system for blood purification consumables, providing clients with a one-stop solution that covers the entire industry of blood purification consumables
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