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Automatische Montagelinie für Urinkatheter
Automatische Montagelinie für Urinkatheter

Traditional manufacturing of urinary catheters cannot adapt to the growth in the current medical consumables market due to its inconsistent quality performance and low productivity caused by high risks of contamination during the process and the manual processing/assembly that is costly and labor-intensive.Against the above backdrop, Maider has independently developed an automatic assembly line for urinary catheter, an industry-leading intelligent manufacturing system for medical consumables. Deviating from traditional manufacturing that relies on manual assembly, this system is fully automatic and encompasses the entire manufacturing process, ensuring the efficient and reliable assembly of urinary catheters. This approach saves considerable labor costs for clients, significantly improves productivity, and helps clients gain competitive advantages in the market.

Anwendung fertiges Produkt
High automation/specifications. In contrast to traditional manufacturing that relies on manual assembly, the fully automatic assembly process effectively ensures a high level of product cleanliness, significantly increases the yield rate, and leads to meaningful improvement in productivity
High quality/accuracy. This assembly line, made possible by precise mechanical structure and unique process design, attains side hole drilling and assembly with high accuracy. Thus, the final urinary catheter is comparable with those from world-class medical enterprises in quality
Flexible production. This system is capable of flexible production and relies on multiple sets of servo systems for automatically switching to produce urinary catheters with different specifications, as required by our clients
Modular design. This design facilitates layout and installation according to clients' actual manufacturing environment while allowing easier maintenance and repair
Intelligent detection. This system integrates a CCD intelligent detector module and an independently-developed image algorithm to realize the automatic detection of product defects in multiple processes
Real-time data collection. This system integrates a data collection module and forms data charts at the terminal to facilitate intelligent manufacturing
Remote diagnosis. This system integrates the module of Internet of Things for such a diagnosis